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ASP-4 - 4-Door Clustering Network Integrated Controller Featured Popular

ASP-4 Integrated Controller represents the next step in intelligent Access Control Systems. With capacity, features and speed not found on other devices, the ASP-4 provides unparalleled flexibility. In
addition to standard features, powerful scripting is available to provide a powerful platform that doesn’t solely rely on software interactions.

ASP-4 can be clustered with up to 31 other ASPs to form a powerful hardware network that communicates through a unified path to the host, providing cluster features such as Anti-Passback.

The Controller is integration ready with an available SDK that allows providers of other access control software to easily use the controller with their own software solution with a combination of native and programmed features.



  • 300 access levels, 50 access levels per card, up to 127 card formats.
  • Cluster up to 32 devices.
  • Cluster master provides central communication point to software host.
  • No constant polling, on-demand communication as needed.
  • 16 supervised zones, 1 unsupervised tamper
  • 8 relay outputs, expandable with DRS
  • Up to 127 card formats
  • 2 10/100 Ethernet Interfaces


  • User accessible scripting host for adding or modifying controller functions.
  • User-defined features via scripting
  • Event scripting for handling of live system
  • Logic scripting for object state modification
  • Selectable supervision values (12 pre-defined)
  • Function reassignment for inputs/outputs to support access system or alarm functions
  • Threat Level
  • Use Limits
  • TLSv1.2 AES-128-SHA with two way authentication
  • Fast downloads - up to 100,000 cards in under 10 seconds



Power Requirements:

+12 to +28Vdc @ 500mA


6 in x 8 in x 1.0 in (15.24 x 20.32 x 2.54 cm)


Operating Temperature:-40 to 85° C

Storage Temperature:-40 to 85° C

Relative Humidity:0 to 95%, non-condensing


0.8 Lb (.45 Kg)


2 10/100Mbit Ethernet (IPv4/6 support)
2 RS-232/485, 1 USB Host (future use)


16 Supervised Inputs; 1 Unsupervised Tamper


8 Configurable Outputs


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