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Apollo Security is an established leader in the Access Control Security industry providing superior hardware products supported by innovative software solutions. With consolidated design and manufacturing facilities at company headquarters in Newport Beach, California, Apollo is uniquely positioned to deliver robust and reliable products catering to a wide variety of industries. A world-wide network of sales offices and dealers insures comprehensive support for all types of installations. 

Apollo’s hardware platform has long been regarded as one of the most advanced, stable and thoughtfully designed in the industry. Based on advanced 32 bit processors and quality surface mount technology, the company’s products provide an unsurpassed level of usability and reliability. By manufacturing all products in-house, design implementation and quality control exist at a level not possible by the other industry competitors that utilize outsourced hardware services. 

Meeting the demands of large-scale high security can put any system to the test and that is where Apollo constantly demonstrates the ability to excel above competitors. Some of the most secure sites in the world rely on Apollo technology including nuclear power plants, military and police organizations, oil & gas facilities and sensitive research laboratories. Scalable solutions allow coverage of all sizes of sites ranging from small systems to large complex installations with thousands of doors and alarm points.
Considerable resources are dedicated to research and development with a focus on working closely with dealers, end customers and integrators to bring functional, manageable, and high ROI products to market quickly. This philosophy has allowed Apollo to create some of the core technologies that have come to dominate today’s access control market.

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