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AME-10/ AME-20 Controller Memory Expansion Modules

The AAN-100/AAN-32 controllers are delivered with 1 MB of Random Access Memory (RAM) installed standard.

This amount of memory is sufficient in a many cases. However, when several special functions need to be programmed, or a very large amount of card codes need to be used in a system, it may be required to add additional memory.

Memory expansion for AAN-100/AAN-32 is available in the form of AME-10 (1 MB) or AME-20 (2 MB) Single Inline Memory Modules (SIMMs)

The AAN-32 controller contains one 72-pin socket which can contain either a AME-10 or AME-20 for a maximum 2 MB of storage of card codes and events.

The AAN-100 controller contains 4 memory expansion slots, which can hold both, 1 and 2 MB SIMMs at the same time. 8MB is the maximum size of memory achievable with four 2 MB SIMMs.

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