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AP-Mobile Identification Device

Identity verification goes everywhere with APACS Mobile, a powerful and easy to use solution for transporting all your cardholder information anywhere. Download all card issue and access level data to the handheld device and immediately start scanning credentials. Customizable cardholder information will be displayed along with the access decision which is based on the selected location. Just like a standard reader, events are sent back to the APACS database immediately via WiFi connection or stored until a connection is available.

APACS Mobile devices can be configured for a variety of uses:

  • Mobile Identity Display - Used by guards during tours to verify information of cardholders on site
  • Vehicle Checkpoints - Easily check passengers of cars, buses, trains or aircraft without unloading. Personnel on Board (POB) reports list vehicle occupants for tracking and emergencies
  • Escalated Security - Post a guard with a handheld at sensitive access points during lock down so that database information can be verified on the spot

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