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ApolloVision — Video Management System

ApolloVision delivers a total security solution by combining quality video monitoring, high capacity storage with great scalability and ease of use.

ApolloVision empowers Apollo Access Control Systems with the force of a fully integrated digital video system. This powerful combination allows split-second reaction of the system to initiate video recordings in the case of attempts to gain improper access, sense motion in the camera’s field of view during the times of heightened security, or initiate camera sweeps accordingly when the last person leaves the building. Capture and storage of video events and quick retrieval of useful recordings is a snap with ApolloVision’s event related reporting capabilities.Coupled with the already vast possibilities of Apollo APACS systems, the opportunities for taking greater control of your security picture are unlimited.To meet the demands of the wide variety of diverse systems already served by Apollo, ApolloVision is available in many flexible options: from effective solutions for new and growing installations, to those for enterprise level systems stretching across many sites.


Full integration with access control system


Single User Interface For All System Events

Events in the video system are displayed via the same method as other Access Control System events. No need to learn a new system and the already familiar powerful options can be used.


Powerful Control of Video System

All functions of the video system can be controlled automatically in response to the system events or pre-defined schedules: start and stop recording, pan-tilt-zoom-focus-iris control, export snapshot, set and select prepositions, video clip playback. Easy manual control is also not a problem with user-selectable multiplexed views and a simple but powerful control window that pops up at a click of a mouse.


Easy Retrieval and Event Association

Video recordings are automatically associated with Access Control System events to ensure the easy retrieval of pertinent clips when researching past events. No more sifting through hours of video in order to find a few precious seconds: ApolloVision makes it easy by tying events such as a forced open door alarm with the video corresponding to the exact moment. Video can also be searched using advanced motion-detection technology to go right to the action.



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