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Access Card Hacking

The Flipper Zero and other devices are readily available and can read and clone access control credentials, including RFID, NFC cards, radio remotes and other devices. The Flipper Zero is readily available on the internet, Walmart and many other locations.  Hundreds of thousands of the Flipper Zero have been sold.  Common cards/tags that are vulnerable are Prox, iCLASS and iCLASS SE with standard keys, Mifare Classic with standard keys or without private keys. 


Reports that cards/tags that cannot currently be copied and duplicated by Flipper Zero include Mifare Classic 13.56 MHz cards with private keys, HID iClass 13.56 MHz cards with elite keys, HID iClass SE/Seos 13.56 MHz cards with elite keys, and Mifare/Desfire Ev1.  There is no guarantee that the Flipper Zero and other devices cannot read and clone these cards/tags in the future. 


For access points that require higher security, we recommend that two factor authentication be used, card plus pin or card plus biometrics.  Most installations with Apollo hardware can support readers with a keypad with no cabling changes.  Adding biometric readers to replace a current card reader may require accessing network communications or a separate RS-485 communications to download templates to biometric readers.   The other option is to replace current cards and readers with those above that have not been reported as being compromised.


Apollo Security is a company where security is our priority.  We are available to discuss how to economically address security concerns.  For additional advice, please contact your Apollo sales or tech support personnel. 

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