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AIO-168,AIO-16 and AIO-08 Discontinuation

The AIO-168, AIO-16 and AIO-08 alarm products have reached end of life and have been replaced by the ASP-IO168/16/08/X08 family of new alarm panels. Components for the AIO alarm products abruptly became no longer available to continue manufacturing. The ASP-IO family of products are direct replacements for the previous generation alarm panels and work with the AAN-32 and AAN-100 controllers as well as the new generation ASP-4 and ASP-2 high speed network controllers. The ARM-8 eight output relay expansion module for the AIO-168 is still available. The new generation alarm products are faster and more flexible while retaining the features of the previous generation alarm panels. The ASP alarm family of products are available in serial, network and POE versions and are available in increased numbers of alarm zone termination values. 


There are no plans to discontinue providing the AAN-100/32 controllers and the AIM-4/2/1SL reader interfaces. 


For more information on ASP-IO168 click the link below


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