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Apollo Announces a New Controller Release

Apollo Security announces release of the ASP-2 two reader/two door controller.  This next generation controller supports 32 controllers communicating over a network cluster, scripting to modify events and logic, optional POE and high speed downloads of configuration, firmware upgrades and card downloads (10,000 cards in one second).   ASP-2 controllers support OSDP and TTL readers, are built with industrial components (-40C to +85˚C) and have both UL 294 and 1076 certifications.   In addition to the two standard readers, additional 14 readers can be licensed per ASP-2 for low cost and no delay or cost for reader expansion.

ASP-2 is a new addition to the Apollo ASP controller family, click on the link below for further information on the difference between the ASP-2 and ASP-4.

ASP-2 & ASP-4 comparrison

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