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ADA-10/11 Digital Door Strike/Relay Control Module

The ADA-10/11 digital receiver module is used in applications where secure control of remote loads such as door strikes are required. Up to 16 ADA-10/11 receivers can be multidropped from one card reader. The sender in the card reader e ...

APM-10 — Star Configuration Splitter

The APM-10/11 expands a single (host) port to 8 RS-485 ports in a star configuration. All outgoing data (T+ / T-) is broadcast simultaneously on all 8 ports. The host port interface can be RS-232 or RS-485. An appropriate line terminator m ...

ENI 100/110 — Encrypted Fast Ethernet Network Interface

The ENI-100/110 is a network interface module that allows inter-connectivity of alarm panels and field devices over Ethernet networks. This allows supplementation or replacement of standard RS-485 communication lines in order to increase distance limit ...