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Apollo Product Training and Dealer Certificate

Registration is now open for Apollo Product Training seminar which will be held at the Apollo Headquarters in Newport Beach, California on August 13-17, 2018.
During the training seminar attendees will be introduced to Apollo access control and alarm monitoring systems, access and alarm control hardware manufactured by Apollo with it's new ASP-4 Network Controller and the latest version and the new features of APACS security system management software.

To take advantage of the new Apollo product developments Apollo dealers are required to have at least one associate attend Apollo Product Training seminar every two years. A current Dealer Certificate will be provided after training is received. Training can be obtained at Apollo headquarters in Newport Beach, California,  local training seminars or on-site trainings at the dealer’s location.  Maintaining current training certification will allow Apollo dealers to better support the customer base and also aid in selling of Apollo products. Please contact your Apollo sales personnel about training opportunities.