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ASW-35 software discontinuation notice


Effective immediately, we are discontinuing support for ASW-35 software. For the users of ASW-35 software we suggest the following upgrade paths to move toward more powerful APACS Express software that...

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AP-600 and AP-Prox readers discontinuati…


Due to the lack of demand the following AP-600 and AP-Prox series proximity readers are discontinued immediately.While we regret any inconvenience this announcement may cause, we are eager to discuss...

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Apollo Security Sales announces integration with Smart Media Innovations (SMI) software and with DAP 2240 and Trimble Nomad mobile ID readers. Mobile readers can be configured in Apollo...

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Apollo systems are in use at a wide variety of installations across the globe. Learn more about how Apollo can help your site.

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Apollo provides comprehensive training on all hardware and software products. See how to become certified for Apollo systems.

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