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AIO-168,AIO-16 and AIO-08 Discontinuatio…


The AIO-168, AIO-16 and AIO-08 alarm products have reached end of life and have been replaced by the ASP-IO168/16/08/X08 family of new alarm panels. Components for the AIO alarm products...

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Apollo Announces a New Controller Releas…


Apollo Security announces release of the ASP-2 two reader/two door controller.  This next generation controller supports 32 controllers communicating over a network cluster, scripting to modify events and logic, optional...

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Apollo remains available to support cust…


While California companies were ordered to close offices and factories under the California Stay at Home Order, Apollo was identified as an essential security provider and was exempted from this...

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Apollo systems are in use at a wide variety of installations across the globe. Learn more about how Apollo can help your site.

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Apollo provides comprehensive training on all hardware and software products. See how to become certified for Apollo systems.

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